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Reverse Atherosclerosis | Nutritional Arterial Cleansing | Clarevasa Reverse | Arterial Cleanse Clarevasa
Micronutritional Cardiovascular Support™
Don't give in, don't give up! Regain control over your cardiovascular system.
Reduce and/or regress atherosclerotic plaque deposits naturally.
Reverse Atherosclerosis | Nutritional Arterial Cleansing | Clarevasa
A man is as old as his arteries (Dr. Thomas Sydenham, 1680) 
Clarevasa Arterial Cleansing Formula | Premium Quality Purity Control CLAREVASA: Premium Quality and Purity Control

Clarevasa | Rigorous Manufacturing Procedures

Our American contract manufacturer is exceptionally demanding of superior quality throughout every step of the manufacturing process. Each and every raw material in CLAREVASA is inspected for approval. Written Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) for each aspect of production are meticulously followed to adhere to strict in-process quality control standards during product manufacturing.

In the initial stages of production, stringent testing and sampling must be conducted before any further production cycles may continue. Accuracy is an absolute must. Records are kept of each component and the quantity used in every batch of CLAREVASA.

In-House Laboratory Testing for Consistent Quality

Clarevasa | In-House Laboratory Testing Consistent Quality

Testing laboratories at the contract manufacturing facility precisely monitor the production cycle. Chemical Analysis Lab carefully checks bioavailability with USP dissolution tests and pH testing while verifying potency with high pressure liquid chromotography (HPLC). This ensures that CLAREVASA does not contain less than 100% of the label claim.

The Physical Analysis Lab checks the weight, hardness and thickness for consistency on the tablets. It is this process that guarantees constant integrity of each formulation. To meet the USP microbiological limit requirements for nutritional supplements in the USP XXIII, the Microbiology Lab conducts microbial testing on all products. The final products are then kept in tightly controlled conditions of light, temperature and humidity for optimal freshness.

Meeting the Highest Standards

Our contract manufacturer takes great pride in our uncompromising approach to providing you with the product which meets, and often exceeds, USP standards. The facility is routinely inspected by the FDA as well as representative companies from Canada and Europe and we are also proud to be approved as a nutritional supplement manufacturer by the Canadian Health Organization and the Commission of the European Communities.

Before CLAREVASA is offered for sale, it must pass many individual laboratory tests, consisting of:

  • assays to ensure each ingredient is present in the amount stated on the label,
  • separate analyses to confirm the tablets are free from harmful elements, including: arsenic, lead and other heavy metals,
  • individual examinations to confirm the absence of harmful bacteria, including E.coli, salmonella, staphylococcus and other bacteria,
  • tests to confirm the tablets are free from yeasts or molds,
  • assessment to confirm that the tablets dissolve rapidly in gastric fluid.

CLAREVASA is certified by an independent laboratory to meet the stringent testing outlined. This ensures that you receive the highest quality, contaminant-free product.

Quality & Safety Assurance

CLAREVASA is manufactured in the USA with domestic and imported ingredients in a GMP-compliant facility. It is allergen free. Contains NO milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soy.

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