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Micronutritional Cardiovascular Support™
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Healing the Most Common Cardiovascular Problem
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Reverse Atherosclerosis | Nutritional Arterial Cleansing | Clarevasa
A man is as old as his arteries (Dr. Thomas Sydenham, 1680) 
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OUR PURPOSE: To present to all who want the knowledge a natural, safe and dependable alternative through which individuals at risk of, or affected by, atherosclerosis can halt the progression of this serious and life-threatening condition nutritionally and, therefore, reduce the need for surgery and/or widely prescribed medications that only alleviate the symptoms and/or slow down their progression, and may prompt multiple side effects.
At Full of Health, we are a private, independent bioenergy healing and nutritional practice specializing in micronutrition. For over twenty years we have been promoting the concept of nutritional arterial self-cleansing - a drug-free approach to atherosclerosis, a worldwide and difficult-to-control medical problem.

As a multiple-micronutrient supplementation, arterial cleansing is aimed at reducing fatty plaques (atheromas) in the cardiovascular system, especially in the arteries. It involves taking large amounts of selected micronutrients accompanied by dietary and lifestyle changes. In other words, the nutritional arterial cleansing is geared to eradicating atherosclerosis rather than relieving the symptoms of this widespread disease.

The nutritional arterial cleansing then, unlike standard medical approaches, helps reduce and/or remove atherosclerotic plaque from plugged arteries and, therefore, reduce the effects of the plaque buildup by addressing the cause of the problem, that is by eliminating the factors which created the buildup in the first place.

The cornerstone of this method is the nutritional arterial cleansing formula - a time-tested, orthomolecular and synergistic formulation of selected micronutrients - vitamins, minerals, amino acids and glandulars brought together in special balanced ratios and significant amounts.

At Full of Health, we do know that the nutritional arterial cleansing formula works for two major reasons:

  • first, we have tested and proven it for over twenty years;
  • second, we have recommended CLAREVASA to our clients, and it has worked for every single person who has seriously applied it.

Since 1998, we have supplied the nutritional arterial cleansing formula to thousands of our clients and customers in 33 countries with an overwhelmingly positive response. And there has not been a single reported harm done by taking the nutritional arterial cleansing formula.

So if it is a natural, nutritional method to gently and safely wash away the artery-clogging plaques you are looking for - the nutritional revascularization, then you don't need to look further. You are at the right place.

Should you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us:

      Full of Health, Inc.
      Peterborough, ON Canada K9K 2M2
      Phone: 1. 705 304 6246

Our Canadian office hours are 11:00 am to 3:00 pm EST, Monday, Wednesday, Friday (Holidays Excluded).

If there is nobody available to take your call, kindly click here to email us. We will get back to you next business day.

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